Consulting Services

Overview of our services…

We understand that for technology to be most effective, it must be aligned to your specific requirements, existing environment, and the outcomes you seek. By leveraging our broad portfolio of Consulting Services, you’ll gain technology-driven insight and guidance to make smarter decisions, not just faster decisions, with maximum impact on your bottom line.

Mentored Installation

OneCloud has a team of world-class engineers who specialize in Cisco and Cloud solutions and are passionate about customer success.

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Our Mentored Install Program helps you

  • Minimize Risk: Mitigate deployment risk by letting experienced experts take the lead
  • Time to Value: Accelerate the time from sales to customer value in order to drive the expansion opportunities
  • Hands-on training: Develop expertise to ensure that you create a sustainable services practice

Our portfolio of Mentored Install offerings are a combination of mentoring and implementation services as well as the cover design, planning, and deployment phases. They are based on best practices and field-proven approaches. Mentored Install projects are led by experienced SMEs that provide both remote and on-site delivery and support.

Our programs are fully customizable. This means that the basic scope is predefined in order to ensure the best practices and key objectives are covered. However, the exact delivery is tailored to your specific environment and requirements, thereby ensuring the optimal outcome of the service.

In detail…

OneCloud ACI service offerings are designed to help customers like you get to business value faster with your Cisco products and solutions—at every stage of your lifecycle journey.

Hardware, software, and solution support to help you gain the visibility and insight you need to improve operational efficiency, resolve problems more quickly. Predictive analytics, automation, and insights you can use to optimize operational performance, mitigate risk, and accelerate transformation. Expert management of your infrastructure, applications, and processes to accelerate new technology adoption and time to value.

Connect with the right experience at the right time to realize business value more quickly. Leverage Cisco’s industry knowledge for help with strategy and planning as well as design, implementation, and adoption. Equip your team with training and certification resources to develop new skills and enhance technical knowledge.

ACI Design and Deployment

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Cisco HyperFlex Deployment

Design, Deployment, and Support of Cisco HyperFlex Systems

In detail…

If you are responsible for enabling digitization of any part of your business, you might find yourself
responsible for migrating data, applications, and workloads to Cisco HyperFlex Systems safely and securely.
When you are ready to pilot and implement Cisco HyperFlex Systems, OneCloud Services can help you:
• Identify workloads, applications, and storage to migrate
• Verify I/O profile and availability requirements of applications you plan to migrate
• Identify and use the optimal migration strategy
• Prepare operations to manage and scale HyperFlex Systems efficiently

Our certified, dedicated team on your side to go above and beyond—to take you from vision to reality.