Havate – Introduction


 Using Havate to Deploy and Manage OpenStack with Cisco UCS

Havate is an OpenStack deployment and management tool for Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS). It is pioneered by OneCloud Consulting to help enterprises deploy and manage OpenStack Cloud on the UCS platform.

Why Havate to deploy OpenStack on Cisco UCS

Cloud-enabled applications can run on organization premises, in public clouds, or on a combination of the two (hybrid) for greater flexibility and business agility. Finding a platform that supports all these scenarios is essential. Havate is a tool that builds on a number of basic building blocks to accelerate the deployment process and to provide a repeatable solution.

Open-Source Methodology

Havate, built with an open-source methodology, allows end users to modify the system to suit their particular needs, while simplifying some of the initial configuration needed to get the system into a reproducible, working-state.

Scalability, Manageability, and Performance

The simplified architecture of Cisco UCS running OpenStack software delivers greater scalability, manageability, and performance at a significant cost savings compared to traditional systems, both in the data center and the cloud. Using industry-standard x86-architecture servers and open-source software, IT departments can deploy cloud infrastructure today without concern for hardware or software vendor lock-in.

About OneCloud Consulting

OneCloud Consulting is a group of highly trained business and technology consultants with years of experience as data center architects and education specialists. Our networking architects will provide you with assistance in evaluating, designing, and implementing a wide spectrum of virtualization like VMware and other hypervisor-based technologies on Cisco Unified Computing Systems(UCS).